Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mars RX over, Fire, Chickens, garden,Fess Parkers Dead

The Mars RX is over and things can now move forward......Well, Lurch forward might be a better description! Fits and starts. A good example of this? Yesterday I cleaned the studio and mounted canvas on a 7'X7' frame for a painting that I am inspired to do. I went into the house, put a baby blanket I just finished crocheting (for a friend) in the washer,changed into my paint clothes , went out to the studio and opened the door..... Smoke came billowing out!! Scared the livin' bejeebers out of me! I screamed for Jimmy and he came out and yanked a ballast off the ceiling and pulled the wires. The damn thing had exploded. So, I'm all ready for my next project but no lights to see by. I thank the universe we were home when it happened (I just happened to get off work early yesterday) The baby blanket turned out nice though!
The chickens are not happy with Jimmy this week. He is starting to pen them up earlier to get them used to the idea that their freedom is going away for the summer. While I have been told that free range chickens wont bother the garden.... that's a lie. They have already decimated the edges of my winter garden.
They stick their little chicken heads through the fence and munch away on the greens they can reach. The little one hasn't started laying yet. Her comb is bigger this week. But still no eggs. When she does get around to it... she better lay me some golden eggs just like that damn goose!
So ... the garden....... Jimmy has some beautiful starts ready to go in. Last years potato bed is this years tomato bed (and cucumbers and and peppers). He is planning on putting a cold frame over the big bed so he can get them in early. He is doing a great job of keeping up with the gardening and yard now that I am at work. The house? Not so good. Its starting to look like a bunch of frat boys live here! As for me? I'm pretty much useless these days. I have enough energy and drive to maybe load the dishwasher but the kinds of things that REALLY need to get done? well....Its an adjustment! The food is getting better though. Jimmy has a real flair for grilling steaks and Friday night is steak night. Last night was steak grilled to perfection ,baked potato with chives (from our garden) and grilled asparagus. We topped it with a bottle of Frontier red from Fess Parker's winery. And various toasts to "Dan'el Boone was a man.... just a big man" and Daaveey... Davey Crockett... kilt him a bar when he was only three". Goodbye Fess... Thanks for the wine and the revisionist history!
The job is going well. There are a few glitches.... like the retard assistant I inherited. Seriously where in the handbook can I find an excuse to fire some one who is old ,slow,dumb and CRIES at least once a day. Honestly boys and girls I had to get out the flying monkeys to stop the tearfest. For those of you who are wondering? ... no,its not me. She was bawling on day one! The woman just will NOT stop crying. Or lying. Yep she's one of those. Oh well, shes my burden to bear until I can legitimately get her out the door. In the meantime one of the perks of the job? Its a two story building and I climb the stairs about twenty times a day. Result? My ass looks great! And I'm getting plenty of material for my next series.
I would like to end this blog today with a congrats to Kristen McHenry on the publishing of her poetry book Goatfish Alphabet! Congrats Red. And a toast to you for future publishing's.

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