Wednesday, July 22, 2009

'Gardening By The Moon Calendar' and living with a Cancer

Because of the eclipse in the new moon in Cancer yesterday, I opted not to replant the garden areas that were harvested a few days ago. Friday the waxing moon will be in Virgo (an earth sign). I'll do it then.. I have learned not to plant when the moon is in a fire or air sign. It just doesnt work. When I first started gardening I couldnt figure out why some things grew effortlessly and some things never made it out of the ground. Then a talk with my 90 year old grandmother, who spent her entire life farming, brought to light the need to plant and cultivate by the moon. She sent me my first farmers almanac with planting dates and I ran with it. This year my local nursury carried a grand addition to any household living the artisan life. 'Gardening By The Moon Calendar'. This thing is great. It gives you the phase and sign of the moon daily and times for ingress (start times). It also makes suggestions for what to plant and when to fertilize and prune and so forth. Extra perks include knowing what days Double Cancer Jimmy is going to be moody,difficult or delightful. Of all the signs Cancer is most influenced by the phases of the moon. So even if you dont garden... if you are a cancer or if you live with one I recommend this calendar for your sanity. Since Cancers wax and wane with the moon.... This gives you a tool to stay on top of what is coming for the day.From the new moon til the full moon Cancers tend to be a little more upbeat,positive and productive. From the Full moon to dark phase they gradually loose energy. Most cancers spend the last three days before the new moon doing nothing. If they are forced to do somthing like say... go to work, they can get awfully cranky about it. This info applies to most Cancers... unless there are mitigating signatures in their personal chart. I'm going to try to put this great lunar calendar under recommended reading for those who might need it. Its a great help for non-Cancers who need to get things done. Basic Rule: Start new projects on the new moon. From the Full moon to the dark, finish up old projects and get rid of things that don't work. I discovered this little trick on my own about ten years ago and it sure helps alleviate a lot of frustrations when you time your life to natural rythyms.

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