Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heat Wave in Seattle

Sorry I havent posted in a few days... I've been in dental delerium. But its ok cuz my new dentist is hot! Almost as hot as Seattle right now. Mini - break massge sent along a note this morning with some simple and easy advice to beat the heat.. To survive the heat wave in more comfort and get a quick cool-down.... when just sitting around, put your feet in a bucket of water. For sleeping, wrap frozen gel packs in a towel and put one in your pillow, the other at your feet. Ice packs on the wrists or back of the neck keep the body temp down. Thanks Mini Break Massage!
Then theres the pan of ice in front of a fan.
The house was still in the high 90's at 10 pm last night so Jimmy and I took a bottle of wine, a blanket and set the laptop up outside to watch classic movies under the stars. It was sweet and romantic. We had a bit of a mosquito problem at first and no citronella, so we improvised and lit incens sticks and placed them in a circle around the blanket. It worked very well and smelled better than citronella. The experience reminded me a bit of drive-in movies. We chose a Humphrey Bogart movie, Sahara. Appropriate.... dont you agree? I think tonight will be Casablanca. In fact I think as long as this heat wave continues, we will drag out every Bogart-in-a-hot-climate movie we own. Just an FYI for you big screen junkies.... It was totally dark last night and the laptop is high res, so the screen seemed huge. So,for a fun and unusual experiene (for seattle) dont hesitate to drag your honey or the kids (if ya got 'em) outside to watch a movie tonight.
Really , this heat thing isnt so bad if you are willing to adjust your routine a little.

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