Sunday, March 2, 2014

Secret garden, out door performance space, satyr plays, all hail Jimmy

I really wish google would let me post photos. I would show you what jimmy has been working on.   The back 5th part of our property was a surprise to us.  When we made the offer on the house we didn't know that the fenced in  area in the back came with it.  It was so over grown with blackberries , fallen trees and all sort s of other brush, we didn't know what it was.  After we moved in we  decide to trudge through it and to our surprise  we found a stream with a little wooden bridge and a duck pond , two apple trees, blueberries, roses, a  magnificent rhododendron, a grape arbor and much more.  All of it was being choked by  overgrowth.  In essence  we found a secret garden.  For the last two weeks Jimmy has been back there with the chainsaw and the hedger.  Last week the whole thing was one giant pile of  cut brush and blackberry vines and piles of  limbs from the fallen trees that he had cut up.  It got a little too quiet when he was working back there yesterday so I went to check on him (just to make sure I didn't need to call 911 over a chainsaw accident.).  I couldn't believe what he had accomplished.  He rolled out  a bunch of  gardening felt to make walking paths and then lined the paths with all the tree limbs he had cut up.  He had also dug out the stream bed so it wasn't a swamp but an actual running brook. He's planning on renting a chipper next month  and  pouring all the chips on the walking paths and in the clear area inside the paths.  I can see the little wonderland its going to be when he's done.  We have already picked out the  spaces for the statuary and  outdoor art to be placed.
The big reveal here is that when Jimmy and I first trudged through the mud back there  we ,of course,  thought it would make a beautiful outdoor performance space.  We also thought it would be five years down the road.
Yesterday we discussed  having our first performance in August....this August!
When I told Feral Jane about the performance space idea  last year, she suggested we begin with one of the Greek Satyr plays.  (think..ancient Greek burlesque).  They are only about twenty minutes long and would be perfect for a  summer  evening entertainment.
So, this is a casting call of sorts.  Of course we will need actors.  It would also be nice to  have a couple of musicians (acoustic only  until we can figure out how to get electricity back there)  maybe jugglers, dancers and  my favorite.... Fire eaters.     If you would like to be a part of one magical summer night  in a secret garden... Let me know, so I can get an idea of  what we need to put it together.

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