Sunday, March 23, 2014

Need a logger, brooding hen, million dollar idea, high tech digital incubator
The equinox has happened!  All kinds of spring things are happening at my house.   Jimmy  toted a few hundred pounds of chicken manure compost up the hill and spread it in the garden beds. One of my hens is brooding . I started 7 eggs in the high tech incubator that DD gave me  and the whole flock has been cleaning out the grass and weeds in the raspberry bed for me.  We moved the upcycled table and chairs out on the deck along with the  refurbed perfection  kerosene oil stove.
I'm starting to see cohesion in our new space and a semblance of routine.  Little buds are popping out everywhere. I expect a bumper crop of salmon berries this year  because of our vigilance with the hedger.  Its starting to look less and less like ma and pa Kettle live here.  Not sure the neighbors agree.   We have a couple of spaces in the yard that are covered with cardboard and several piles of brush that are waiting to be chipped.
I'm hoping that if we make it scruffy enough the general public will stop thinking that they have some rights  to the  property.  One cranky old guy with his 5 year old granddaughter came by with a bag of bread to  feed my chickens.  When I explained to him that the girls were  otherwise occupied, he got pissy with me and informed me  in his best haughty voice that 'SHE' wants to feed the chickens'.   Not really knowing how to respond to  his  attitude of entitlement.... I just walked off.  If I hadn't I would have yelled at him   "1. What makes you think its ok to feed MY chickens. 2. I don't care what your speshul snowflake angel wants... and you cant MAKE me care!"  
But the incident did remind me that I'm sitting on a million dollar idea.  Well....ok...50 or 60 dollars a month (enough to pay for chicken feed).  I need one of those  candy dispensers to put out by the fence line to put  scratch in .  That way all those folks who want to feed the chickens can give me 25 cents a tablespoon  to help with costs.  My general attitude is that if I have to put up with your will cost you money.  I found  one on amazon that I think would work.    So, if anyone has  one or more of these  tucked away in an attic or closet and you would be willing to  sell it to me cheap... please let me know.  I would also be willing to trade a basket of eggs, homemade jam, homemade soap, a hand made scarf or two....And if you are old enough ... a bottle of neglected fruit!

I'm also looking for  some strapping  logger to cut down a really old cherry tree over my garden beds  .  It no longer  produces viable fruit and just  creates a canopy  over the garden beds that block out much needed sunlight.  Oh and if  the logger  enjoys smoking meats they can keep what they cut down.  There will, of course,  be some payment of services involved  (I don't expect anyone to do it for free).
So, that is pretty much where I am in my spring process.     Lots of work to do  but it is starting to be fun again. 

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