Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mighty roman gladiator Gannicus, free backyard chickens, two new dresses, RASPBERRIES

About three years ago I bought a dress at a thrift store. It was a cute ,hippie, baby doll  thing.  It fit perfect and was  extra comfortable.  The only problem was that it was purple with big black tie dye  splotches on it.  It was not something I would ever wear in public because  it made me look like I was a purple cow.  My intent for the garment was to    use it as a pattern.    Last week I finally got out the seam ripper  and carefully pulled it apart.  There are only 4 pieces to it so it is a perfect pattern.  Using  the fabric that I bought on  uber sale   a couple of weeks ago, I made two new dresses out of it.  Building the dresses only took a couple of hours each.  I ran into a couple of problems.  1.)  I have never worked with  gauze fabric before.  When I finished the dress, I was horrified. It was enormous.  I ,of course, consulted the oracle (the  internet) about my problem and was told 'wash it  and hang dry".  I did and it shrunk two sizes. This made the hem way to short and I had to take it out and redo it.  Which brings us to problem # 2.)  trying to hem clothing on yourself is a pain in the  back-side.   My next  domestic tool purchase will be a dress form. I have convinced myself that this is a  reasonable investment which I will use ' all the time'.  'All the time' meaning  ...once every year or so  for a couple of weeks at a time.   Dress number 2 was easier because I had already practiced on dress number one.  I'm all inspired now to make dress number three.  I just cant decide  between the pretty   butterfly fabric or the  pink pirate skull fabric.
I will be wearing my new summer dresses to pick raspberries.  The raspberries came in with a vengeance last week.  DD, if you are reading this.....your  poor frail old mother needs help making raspberry jelly and raspberry vinegar!
Chickens:  One of my neighbors daughters raised 12 chicks for a school project.   I told her mom  I would take them when the school project was done.  She was only supposed to raise 6.  Anybody out there want some free pullets? They are healthy, inoculated,  silkies, wyandottes and frizzles.   They will be coming to live with me the second week in July and I cant justify keeping  twenty chickens.  Not even to myself.  I will be keeping the rooster to protect my hens.  I have already decided to name him Gannicus...  after the mighty roman gladiator.  A mighty roman gladiator-chicken  should be able to fight off opossum.... right?

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