Monday, June 17, 2013

Floor pillows. Upcycled Halloween costume, comfortable reading space

Yesterday I was in the computer room wasting time.  From the living room I heard Jimmy say "I really like your  new floor cushions".   An unsolicited compliment from Jimmy?  Of course I went to investigate!  I found him lounging like an ancient roman on top of them, playing with his tablet.  I was a little worried that the floor pillows  I made out of his old Halloween costume would be nothing more than a trip hazard.  He is pretty happy with the upcycle.    It seems that I achieved my main goal  in my living room make over.  It looks great and it is an inviting room for conversation and ..well... living.  Before the make over started I asked an important question.  What do we do in the living room?  We read and we have conversation.  (No TV)  So, lots of good lighting and cushy, cushy comfort. Step Mom's beautiful and extraordinarily well made half sized quilts have been added to the decor.   No need to crawl into bed to read comfortably.  Tea,  coffee, wine and other beverages are safe from spillage.  This might not sound important but,  my favorite activity in the winter is reading in front of the fire with a cup of  herbal tea.  We longer just walk past this room on our way to someplace else. 
Floor cushions made from Jimmy's old Halloween  costume. (OK , not the flowery one.  That was leftover fabric from the kitchen  re do) 

 Comfortable reading space with  hand made  cushions

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