Friday, December 2, 2011

Potato peeler crisis, I would buy American Made if I could find American Made

Grrrrrrr...... I'm mad again! Two weeks ago I bought  a potato peeler at safeway because the potato peeler I bought at fred meyer 3 weeks before that snapped in my hand.  I bought the potato peeler at fred meyer because 1 month before that I bought a potato peeler at central market.... that snapped in my hand!  The safeway potato peeler   with the pretty red handle.... snapped in my  hand day before yesterday!  Each peeler was around the $5  mark.  In the last three months, I have bought 3 different  potato peelers from 3 different stores only to have each one last less than a month. I'm sick of paying $5 a month for potato peelers   I need a high quality American Made potato peeler.  If you know where I can get one please tell me. I beg you...tell me!  I have money....I can pay! Its not like this is an item I can make myself.  I dont have a degree in metallurgy nor do I have a handy foundry.  Yes I know I could peel potatoes  and carrots with a paring  knife like my ancestors did, but with a potato peeler I dont  cut myself ( as often).  They are a nifty little invention with built in safety  features and I like them!    

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  1. I've had mine for many years, and it's technically a 'vegetable' peeler, so the blade is perpendicular to the handle. The handle is plastic, but it's extremely sturdy & ergonomic. I'm sure I bought it at Whole Foods, or Sharon got it for me at some kitchen store... but you might want to search Amazon for something like 'ergonomic vegetable peeler'.