Monday, June 13, 2011

David hewlett is a genius, Integrating new chickens, Smart Chick

David Hewlett is a  genius.... for a chicken at least.  We spent a couple of days  with the new silkie in a pen just outside of the girls pen and then moved her/his pen into thier pen.  Did that for a day , then we put Elphie in isolation and let David run free with the reds for a while.  Yes, this is a complicated process.  Elphie of course was unhappy with being separated and actually escaped  isolation twice (until we made it impossible and then she got just down- right pissed)  David Hewlett's reaction was interesting.  He/she started mimicking Elphie and mirroring her.    Everything Elphie did... David did.  David was smart enough to run when Elphie got out, but the rest of the time stayed right next to the fence and the oh-so-pissed Elphie. ( Photo's of this interesting  behavior  below).    A few more days of this and we will try putting them together again and see if Elphie attacks.   David needs to grow  a little more and Elphaba needs to calm the bejeebers down.
David mimicking Elphie

Cutest chicken ever

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