Saturday, June 18, 2011

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David Hewlett isn't David Hewlett anymore.  SHE is now " # " (pronounced Hash Tag).  She crawled up on Jimmy's shoulder yesterday and he renamed her.  It stuck.    She is integrating  at a normal pace.  We followed all the advice on the how too's and spent the week letting the others get used to her.
Last night Jimmy built a fire and we sat  around it holding her until it got dark  and then  sneaked her into the coop.  She was pretty stressed that we kept her up so long and  did the chicken stress cheeping even while she was dozing on my lap.  When we put her in the coop  she immediately quieted and went straight to sleep.   I woke up early this morning to listen for  sounds of scuffling and distress and there were none.  Its eerily quiet out there this morning.   After the racket of the last week...... Its BLISS.  Sometime over the next month or so we have to go through it all over again with 2 new  full size layers. The next hens will be young, but not babies, so we wont have to monitor so closely.
"#" is  sweet and has become VERY tame over the last week.  She likes shoulder rides!  Which is fine now but once she is full grown and has full grown chicken poop.... we are thinking might not be so cute.
We are now in the market for 2 or 3 new laying hens. We are not going to get more Rhode Island Reds.  They are amazing layers but, for in the city.... They are just to doggone loud. And they complain about everything.
If anyone in the Seattle area has a couple of 1 year old Java's they would like to sell..... let me know.

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