Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Parfait!, Psychic Palm tree, Feng shui, tropical vacation revisted, Off the rails.

Parfait! Yep, that's the color Jimmy chose for the computer room.  With a rich hunter green trim and bamboo roll up blinds.  I can honestly say I rose an eyebrow when we were at the paint store and he chose the lightest  pink he could find. It wasn't until he revealed his other choices that I figured it out.  Jimmy is longing for a tropical vacation. It has been a long, dreary, dark winter.  He has  unconsciously re-created the  hotel room  in Mazatlan where we went on our first romantic trip (back in the days when we couldn't really  'afford' a vacation and the money would have been more practically spent on  When I say computer room .... its what we call it. But its also the guest room  (with a very comfortable  hide-a-bed) and  just a general  hang-out spot. Very multi-purpose, so, it gets a lot of  use including being the collection point of   "just put it in the computer room for now".  This particular room is also the wealth/prosperity feng shui corner of the whole house.  All my research on Feng Shui last year  made it obvious that we  really needed to clean, declutter  and decorate this room accordingly. It has taken me  6 months to get around to it.But the results are worth the wait.  We have an added bonus as well...... I bought a beautiful but terrified palm tree for it yesterday (and a few other  houseplants to keep it fresh in here and help with the tropical ambiance)    Yes I said terrified.  Laugh at me if you want, but never before have I ever had,  for lack of a better term, a plant so psychically loud.  This poor thing was  throwing out the weirdest, frightened energy I have ever encountered in a plant.  I had to talk it down from the ledge through the whole transportation and  re potting process which included having to trim a sickly stem.  The cut stem even got  some reiki.  I also fed it some  'super thrive',  a high-powered plant vitamin that is supposed to help with plant  'stress'.   Jimmy rolled his eyes  and mocked me when I told him he needed to introduce himself to the new palm tree and reassure it that everything will be ok.  When he finally stopped laughing.... I asked him to go do it anyway. I don't know if he did it  or not but this morning I have a beautiful, calm, healing  palm tree sitting next me  as I write this.  And I think it wants to be named  Brenda.  No, I'm not a crazy plant lady.  I only have a handful of houseplants and I only have them for home decor.  But this one talks...... I swear!  Now go ahead and think to yourself  that I have finally gone off the rails.  Cuz I'm thinking it too!

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