Friday, April 29, 2011

He said/she said, 'other' art, crochet rug, talking plants, TED talks, Air purifiers, Tiger Woods Masters

The lifeblood of the computer room ( ie the computer) was out of commission while we finished the room.  Jimmy was unimpressed with my  light handed trim ( I only trimmed the windows).  I said I only wanted the window trim painted since we were using a dark color. I also said that if we painted the door trim and floor trim it would shrink the room.  Jimmy said I was right  but he said it needed  ALL the trim painted the same color to bring it all together.  I said he might be right, but I'm done painting.  Then we stood there silently waiting for another round of  he said/ she said.  Finally he said... 'Guess I know what I'm doing for the rest of today'.  It does look nice in here but the room does look smaller.
Along with the talking palm I picked up a few other plants.  Specifically plants mentioned in the TED talks  last year.  High oxygen air purifiers.  3 peperomias, 1 china doll, another broadleaf which had no name on it but I liked it. Jimmy  brought in the  rubber tree from the studio.  When I told him about the talking palm he did indeed introduce himself to her and then came out and informed me that the china doll said her name is Ivy and the unidentified plant is Pepe'.  While I know he is laughing at me , he is doing it with a straight face.  So, Pepe' it is. One of the peperomias   is now Louise. The others haven't said much. Now I just need to get the art work for the room  matted and framed.  The computer room is the gallery for  'other'   Art. Art by friends and family and great items we picked up on the cheap from  'street artists' in our travels.  And 1 giclee  Tiki print  from Archie McPhees(Jimmys , of course). The rest of the house is my own personal gallery and usually reflects my emotional state. Vain?.... yes. But its my house and my art so I will put it where I please!
Anyway, we are almost done.  I have 5 weeks left of my printing class and then on to another project. The Mercury RX was good for my house, I got a lot of things organized and cleaned.  But its over now.  So now I have to find conscious motivation for other  home projects. Which I will...... as soon as I beat tigers woods Masters, paint a Masterpiece,  read a book recommended by a friend, Make pasta with my new KA pasta attachment, finish the crochet rug   ( This one is kind of cool.  Its no longer for the Kitchen, Its large enough for the living room and Jimmy wants to batik it.  Turning it  into yet another piece of art) and then I will.......................

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