Thursday, March 3, 2011

Backyard chickens, bad Seattle weather, Chickens not laying, disturbing art, Greener buttons

This morning I am Harrumphing.  We had just awful weather yesterday. Rain ,hail and high winds.  I hung out in the studio during the storm and cleaned up  because I didn't do it after the last show.   Then I matted a few things.  I found two piles of paintings that need to be finished.  One set I quit working on because they gave everybody the creeps and high weirdness ensued.  But I am ready to finish them now. Another one I thought was finished but when I pulled it out I saw that it needed 'something'. Now to figure out what. 
I spent a good portion of the day watching the chickens out the window. They foraged all the way thought the hail and jumped and grumbled every time the wind blew their feathers up. But in the end even they gave up and went to bed early.  They are hardy and stubborn.  But no one laid yesterday.  This weird weather is messing with their little chicken hormones.  I should be getting 2 dozen  eggs a week from them by now but I'm barely getting one.  Jimmy is ecstatic over the 1.  During their molting time we were using store bought eggs.  Bleecchhhh. Pale anaemic things that smell stinky. And I even sprung for the  expensive  'free range' eggs.  Jimmy thinks this year we should dig a hole to store 'our' eggs in.... like days of old, so we don't have to turn to commercial egg producers in the winter. He might be right. I suggested we just get a second smaller fridge for the garage.  He gave me the stinkeye and said 'that's not environmentally sustainable.'  I really hate it when he pushes the  'greener' buttons to get his own way.

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  1. Ah, yes...the infamous "Greener button"! I know it well; but it doesn't have the same compelling powers of persuasion it used to. Now it all does is make me feel slightly guilty for spending $12.00 to see the latest blockbuster instead holing up at home watching old Stan Brakhage films. We should make a "Greener Bingo" card! "It's not environmentally sustainable" could be the first square. :)