Monday, February 28, 2011

Prophet Frankie hath spoken, Astrology update March 2011, Astro update, Sun in Pisces, Saturn/Jupiter opposition

I've had a few emails from folks this last week or so wanting to know why they feel so  'blah', 'blech', 'meh' 'guh'.  Yes...... those are the terms they are using.  Seems like nothing is horribly wrong... its just........ 'not right'.    So, your cranky , yet intrepid astrologer is here to explain and comfort.  There are a few things going on in the sky to   create this sense of  'winter blues'.  First , we have Mercury (the way you think) and the Sun (your internal natural self) and Mars (you in action) all in Pisces...... the  laziest, most wishy-washey , least motivated  sign in the zodiac.  Pisces is the natural ending of the zodiac and  is nebulous, and emotionally overwhelmed.  It rules institutions, numinosity,  solitude, old age and such.  When we have a stack of personal planets in Pisces, its hard to get motivated. Where you are feeling most 'meh' in  your life depends on where Pisces is located in your personal chart.   Examples: In your first house you may  suffer from classic depression and not want to do anything  but sit on the couch.  In the 2nd house, sex and income  is where you may lack motivation and inspiration, third house would manifest  'blah' in the area of close friends and  communications (ie, not returning emails or phone calls).  The bad news is that  this stuff tends to bleed over into other areas of our lives cuz nothing is  black and white and everything is connected.  The good news here is  this is short term.  In about 2 to 3 weeks you will wake up one morning all refreshed and ready  to get moving, with new perspectives and new directions.  Pisces is the natural  rest sign of the zodiac. 
 Venus is currently in Capricorn,  So, we all feel a little put upon and long suffering right now.  Once again....give it a couple of weeks.
Saturn and  Jupiter have been dancing  around an opposition  for the last few months.  Its never easy when the planet of expansion meets the planet of limitations...... Cuz we get caught in the middle  and projects get out of control and  get squashed at the same time.    Look for this to peak out in about 6 weeks and then things will seriously start to  move  forward  by the end of May.
All of this is for the collective. Your individual chart may hold some things over for your own learning  and personal growth. But for the most part we should all start perking up in a couple of weeks. In the mean time.... just.....take a nap.

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  1. I need no encouragement to "just take a nap", but I'm happy to use Pisces as an excuse!