Saturday, February 5, 2011

Superbowl recipe, Sad truth, Egg Money, Bootlegging

The sad truth. Noone wants to hear it.  The reds are still not laying. They are 4 years old  and their peak production levels are past them.  Jimmy and I set a date to 'discuss' the problem in the very near future. Cuz neither of us can handle the naked truth right now with everything else going on.  But it has to be done and we will do it.  Its the darker side of  suburban farming. Now to decide how to replace them. I want chicks. Jimmy is voting for paying out the $20 each for layers. (at least his distaste for raising children is across the board.....with the exception of kittens.... He's a sap for kittens).  I have been contemplating adding to the flock this year and possibly selling the eggs to the neighbors. I love the idea of  a hidden crock jar in the kitchen full of  "egg money". My Great-Grandmother survived the depression with a garden, chickens and 'egg money'  Ok she took in laundry too. But I ain't going there unless it gets real bad.  In fact, I aint going there at all. Cuz if it gets that bad, my suppressed criminal nature will get unsuppressed really fast and I'll turn to such time honored traditions as bootlegging or maybe even telephone sex.....or maybe I will turn my garage into a speakeasy where folks can drink and  (heaven forbid) smoke.
OoPS, I was just reminded that tomorrow is the Superbowl and  I was told I should put up a Superbowl recipe. Ok...actually...Jimmy just asked if I could put together a snack for him to take with him tomorrow.  Hmmmmmm...... Now I know what to do with all those brussel sprouts.  I'm gonna boil 'em up . Then I'm gonna throw 'em in a crock pot  (to keep 'em warm) with some chopped up bacon and slather in real butter and send along some toothpicks. Not your traditional football food but probably healthier than anything they will eat tomorrow.

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  1. I'll always buy your lovely chickens' delish eggs--I'm addicted to them! And if the egg money isn't enough to pay rent on and you end up bootlegging and turning to a life of crime, here's a little inspiration for ya: