Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mercury direct, December 29th 2010, Fairies and unicorns, monsters in the dark

Mercury stations direct today.  And then something wonderful happens. We have   1 whole month where ALL the planets are moving forward.  Its been a couple of years since this has happened.  So enjoy  the balance and freedom for a few days.  Saturn is the next planet to go retrograde at the end of January on the 26th. But its OK because this is Saturn's normal cycle.  It will feel like an old friend tapping us on the shoulder and reminding us of something we need to do.   We all get a month to plan  and put things in place without too many frustrations  before Saturn sets us to the day to day work of maintaining what we put in place.   Its not going to be  a time of fairies and unicorns and things magically happening (it might feel like it though).  Its going to be a time  of having our feet out of the mud.  That great idea that popped up a few months ago?  You can act on it now.   Cant find a job? You can now. Need an answer? You will get one.   This could prove to be a great time to be a grownup.  Things are still going to happen but we will be able to deal with them.... problem solve and so forth.  The last five months have been an obstacle course of  roadblocks, spiked pits and monsters in the dark..... for everyone.  Anything that has been held in check will be allowed to move at this time.  (even if something not so pleasant happens during this time you should be able to land on your feet).. You have until April , when Mercury RX's again for three weeks to readjust your course and then forward again. 
So, yes, you can come out from under the bed now.

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