Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gulf of Aden Vortex, wikileaks, Christmas Sucks, Yes, I am CRANKY today. Christmas cookies made with chicken broth and garlic.

I keep waiting for new info on the Gulf of Aden Vortex.  But with the Wikileaks founder in custody I don't think he will have the time or interest in confirming/debunking  this one. Darn! I'm needing some 90's style escapism here. Christmas is looming like a big old black cloud  on the horizon.  All the neighbors have gone full on Griswolds on me. I cant sleep at night for all the twinkly lights beaming good cheer  through the cracks in the blinds of the bedroom window.  Anybody know where I can get some classic WWII black out blinds?  The nappy homemade dog/cat hair filled cookies and candy should begin coming through the door anytime now.  Crap!... Guess I'll have to fight back and make some cookies of my own to hand out.. In the true spirit of the holiday I'm gonna make sugar cookies with purposely overdone edges and waaaaaaay to much frosting.....maybe I will add a little chicken broth to them..... Hmmmmm there's an idea...I'll make them gross on purpose and stand there with a childlike  expectant look on my face  while they eat one.  Or maybe I will just make cookies so I don't have to hear it for the next 11 months.  I AM looking forward to putting the giant holly wreath on the door.  I figure if I make the front door all poke-y and dangerous then people will be too afraid to knock.
Yes... I am CRANKY today!  I tried for about the first 10 minutes to fight it and then decided to embrace it.  So..... BAH! HUMBUG!!!!!! and in the immoral words of my childhood hero 'The Grinch (the real one, not lame-ass Jim Carey one).... "I must stop christmas from coming"


  1. Heh. Yeah, the post office is especially delightful this year. My co-worker has decided to declare WAR on our carrier. No idea why. So the line of solidarity that is usually what keeps us going is shot to hell this year.
    If you are serious about the black out curtians I actually found some beautiful black lined ones at Ross. Using them for my show, then they are MINE, it never gets dark in my bedroom thanks to all the street lamps and traffic.
    Sorry about the other night, I was hesitant to invite myself because I hadn't heard that you were coming to town, and then I fell asleep, slept til 1 then I Tara's post and it was too late. She says this is gonna be a monthly thing. Next time. -p

  2. I'm with ya, Frankie. I hate this effin' season. It's really just a total nuisance, and I am prone to picking up the depression and unhappiness of everyone around me who is repressing it. Ugh. For now, just put tinfoil on the windows. It's what we used in Alaska when the sun was out at midnight.

  3. I have to say that no one I'm interacting with seems too excited about xmas; since my job with The (public sector) Man means almost no time off, the family celebrations are necessarily half assed. The best kind of holiday, excepting those where you curl up under a blanket, turn off the phone, and do whatever you want.

    Which is my plan for new year's eve. So I just have to survive xmas...

    Oh, your garlic & chicken broth cookies? The idea makes me wonder if the world's worst fudge that manifested in your kitchen a few years ago was intentionally so...