Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crop Circles, Alien invasion, interdimensional visitors, HAARP, Orbital microwave laser

Crop Circles. Todays topic. 
NO.... I don't have anything better to do or  to think about today.   So today I will present MY theory on crop circles. For many years I thought crop circles were a hoax (and some were) Your standard  basic crop  'circle' is pretty easy to make with a piece of hemp twine and a long board.
 The Phenomena ,according to the INTERNETS began in 1966 in Australia.  For those of you out there who are dogs about sources.... I will tell you now that ALL of my information was gleaned from the internet cuz everyone knows that the internet is never wrong and this is the age of Mercury phosphorus..... The morning star of information. 
So, Australia 1966... not much happened for a while and then they started showing up more in the 70's.... pretty much still just circles at that point.  But then in the 1990's  the whole thing exploded.  Crop circles were no longer just circles, they started using complex imagery. Each circle became larger and more complex.  As they became more complex it became harder and harder to attribute them to a couple of drunk guys in a field one night.  Then video cameras got really cheap and everyone had one...which resulted in folks capturing crop circles being formed by bright 'balls' of energy ( giving rise to discussions of sentient St.Elmos Fire)... Go to you tube... there are several of them there.  The instant conclusion most jumped too was that the  'nice' aliens are talking to us and we are too stupid to understand the message. (I don't know about the rest of you...but when I'm talking to folks who  exhibit lesser intellect than mine I  dumb down my communication  so they can understand me).
The new millennium crop circles are mind boggling. There are geeks out there who dedicate their entire lives to interpreting them using sacred geometry, hieroglyphics,  pseudo- physics, numerology, channeling, bible prophecy and any number of other abstract methods of ordering the universe..
I'm pretty sure they are all wrong. Here's why.
One day in the deep of the winter while casually surfing the web I came across this site
This is a great site..... Its has the obligatory "THEY" are trying to communicate with us stuff  which is not remarkable in itself but what the site does have is a  fabulous library of crop circles all photographed and dated  ....documented crop circles going back years and a loose chronology.   It was the first photos  at the  top of the page that made me think .... "that is obviously a computer generated graphic" Then I scrolled to the bottom of the page and there is this great  grid of more than a hundred photos  of crop circles side by side......and a light went on.  Before we go any further I have to give credit to an ex boyfriend from the early nineties.  He drove me nuts by running a fractal program on the computer that would take hours to complete a graphic (it was the early days of  cumbersome, slow  pc's, that kind of wouldn't do much of anything other than word processing and we had to learn DOS to use it )   and lock down the pc so no one else could use it for hours at a time.  I was forced to watch these things form in my living room on a monitor.  So I recognise them  when I see them.  Looking at the grid it was obvious to me that these images are fractals.  And then I knew......Its us...we're doing it.  Its probably a gang of computer geeks sitting in a basement of the HAARP facilty  controlling a laser experiment from one of the many satellites orbiting the planet that we know nothing about.  This is some serious  technology  they are developing here and fine tuning (all the while reading the tabloids and laughing at the general populace who is attributing it to aliens and interdimensional travelers.)  The applications are  so.......so.....so..... I don't even have a word for it...everything from military  strikes to  changing the trajectory of NEO's  They have obviously been working on it since the seventies and made major  breakthroughs in the nineties. Now they are just fine tuning our orbital microwave laser. I don't know who is doing it but I suspect the military or a NASA offshoot..... Who knows could even be a telecom company.  What I do know is take away the impossible and the improbable and what remains is probably true.  While aliens and inter dimensional visitors are not impossible, they are improbable.  After discussing my theory with a few others here are some supporting thoughts.  1. Crop Circle Season: They really do show up mostly from April to August...Jimmy thinks this is due to the orbit of the satellite(s) and appropriate windows. Probably has something to do with positioning for solar power as well.  2. Mostly in England...Well they are our closest allies and we probably have a deal with them.  Either straight forward currency exchange for the rental of their country or a promise that we will use it to protect them since they they are an itty bitty land mass and  2 well placed nukes could probably wipe them off the planet.  3. Other areas......We have to make sure it is mobile and that we can use it anytime anywhere.  Areas less populated than wiltshire have probably been  targeted....  its just that no one has been around to see them. 4. Bait N Switch...... They get to work with almost no oversight because we  ordinary humans  like to think that some higher being is watching over us and grooming us for a polite meet & greet.
So, that's it...That's my theory. What do you think?


  1. You my dear are brilliant. pug

  2. April through August in Britain? I'd say that's growing & harvest seasons, not satellite placement. A crop circle in 6 inch high wheat stubs just ain't all that impressive.