Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dried herbs, classic jars and lids, pickled beets,hot pickles, homemade wine, harvesting basil and tomatoes, southern hot chow chow, spiders are gone

All in a days work ... Ok all in a summers work. 
Sorry for not posting yesterday, Here is what I was doing:
Pulling cleaning and drying what I believe are the last of the herbs.
From left to right:Thyme,rosemary,parsley,tarragon and sage.

All herbs stored in my very cool 1920's jars, some with the original glass lids

Hot pickles and pickled beets. Not to be opened until January 2011 
That's it for today boys and girls..... gotta go harvest some green tomatoes for southern  hot chow-chow.Then I gotta harvest all of Jimmy's beautiful basil and get it hanging to dry. The spiders have all disappeared from the yard so I'm thinking cold weather is on its way. Gotta get it all done so I can park myself, guilt free, in front of the fire with a glass of home made hot spiced wine!

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