Saturday, September 11, 2010

On drying herbs, cat bed, the benefits of craft wire and labeling

On drying herbs:   The simplicity of the process is mind boggling easy.... so how could one screw this up?
1.Cut herbs with long enough stems for tying
2.Wash herbs and lay out on clean, dry towel to soak up excess water
3.Make small bunches  and wrap wire around  stems (I recommend floral or craft wire), leaving at least  six inches  of wire free
4.Using a piece of opaque tape label your herbs individually
5. Hang in dry, out of the way, place for about a month (depends on humidity)

Things NOT to do!
1. Do NOT  skip the labeling process thinking you will remember which bunch was which. Cuz  unless you sit in a chair watching them dry everyday.....after a month..... you will forget (or go stark raving bonkers).  And don't think you will just KNOW which one is which....cuz once dried, they all really do look alike.
2.Do NOT use string or hemp  to tie your bunches.  As the herbs dry, they shrink  and fall out of the loops. (Then one morning you wake up, go into the kitchen to make coffee  and all your  carefully tended, precious herbs are on the floor and the cat is sleeping on them). Use wire and  about once a week pinch it tighter around the stems as they get smaller.
3. Do NOT  store your herbs before they are crispy dry.  We live in rainyville and one day you will reach for that antique jar of thyme....  open it up and be first contact with a  whole new life form.

I wish all good herbing!

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