Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Astrology, Venus retrograde 2010, sex, money, dates to watch for

Venus Retrograde (rx) is one of the most intense planetary periods we go through (Mars retrograde is the other one). Fortunately  Venus only goes retrograde  every 18 months. Also fortunate it gives us a pattern follow. Even though Venus Retrogrades every 18 months , it only revisits the same issues once every 8 years. So, before you even read this,  get out your diary or jump into your way-back machine and go  to October of 2002. If you are old enough you can even peruse October 1994 for more info.
Venus will retrograde in  Scorpio on October 9th of this year.  Those walking in awareness probably already feel something coming as we are in the 'shadow 'period of the rx. Shades of things to come.... ideas,people,emotions,situations ,circumstances are probably beginning to seem familiar.... no matter how different  your life is from 8 years ago. Everyone of us has Venus in a different house in our personal charts.  That is the area that will be affected.   In that area Venus will turn on its charms and its darker side. Everything will be amplified. Venus is not only the planet of the feminine (maiden,mother,crone)  It is also resources, money , social interaction and the way you draw things to you. Scorpio is the sign of sex,death, transformation, shared resources , other peoples money and things hidden. You put these two together and things can get a bit muddy. Morality can go out the window making it hard to hang on to your integrity.  The feminine archetypes that emerge can manifest on the darker side, Demeter, Persephone, Inanna, Erishkegal, Medea, Delila and so forth. The maiden can become the whore, the mother...  a killer, the crone can become a witch.  The masculine archetypes can respond in kind by also manifesting the darker side of the male: the thug, the cold, hired hit man and the controlling  tyrant.

All that said, look for  a bit of spring fever this fall.  Sex,money, deceit will be the themes.  Look for people from your past to show up.  Especially people from 8 years ago.  Old flames, old friends, old acquaintances will be calling, emailing, internet stalking and sometimes just standing in line at the coffee shop ... just as surprised to see you.
During this time  ,in your close personal relationships, old issues that have not been addressed (or have been  beaten like the proverbial horse) will rear up again in such a way that they must be dealt with.
I recommend guarding your wallet, your heart and your mouth during this period as things can get easily lost, confused and out of control.  The rx will last 6 weeks... ending on November 19.
The dates to watch for during this period are  October 29 (give or take 48 hours) when light is thrown on the circumstance you find yourself in. This is the peak point of the rx, the manifesting of  the  shit hitting the fan, the breaking of tension ...if you will.
 Other dates include October 3 when mars will get involved bringing a male and female into each others purview..  Sex and fighting between couples and couples wannabe are the theme of the day. On October 25 Mercury gets involved and texting, emails,phone calls and other forms of messaging will be rampant. And Lastly,  The full moon on October 22/23  will intensify all emotions manifesting during this time.
Advice for this one?  Deal as best you can, don't throw out the baby with the bath water, don't strike out in anger. Don't try to justify your actions by claiming victim-hood (that's the most ass-pussy way of dealing with this rx and the most common manifestation).  If you can get through this intact , you wont have to deal with it for another 8 years.  I do recommend making some space for  self examination during this time to see where your own culpability lies.  You won't get another chance to see your own karma so up close and in your face for a long time. Use it well.

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