Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Suck,crochet,Mars retrograde

I haven't blogged in a while cuz... well things around the suburban farm have kinda sucked and I'm not much for whining in public. More of a problem solver.... But I'm back.
I fried not one but two computers from September to November and Jimmy was nervous about me using his Mega-fine-tuned-video-editing-bring-you-coffee-in-the-morning computer cuz even he noticed that everything I touched blew up for the last 4 months. Seriously? ever have a time period when EVERYTHING you touch disintegrates before your eyes?....... Sheesh!
Anyway to minimise the damage I took up crochet. ( I figured it was something to do that wasn't too dangerous and if I screwed it up no one would die or lose a leg and the cats ear healed nicely) The result was 22 scarves in 6 weeks ( guess what everyone got for Xmas?) and one ear flap hat that Jimmy will only wear to check the chickens cuz its well... damned ugly! I had to make him an alpaca scarf to make up for it which sounds like no great hardship except that I am horribly allergic to all things animal hair. For love of Jimmy, I itched and sneezed for three days.
When he opened it on xmas morning he said it was nice. NICE?..... NICE? all the suffering I went through and he says NICE?
On to a different topic. My last art opening bombed (part of the suck) No one showed. I found out later that zero marketing was done for it.... but still... what do I have to do to get some attention in this town? slice off my ear?shove a whip up my butt? Gah!
So the whole thing inspired me to get a real job. Shouldn't be too hard right? 56 resume submissions later and I've only had one interview which I screwed up. I mean I really screwed it up. I said something so stupid I didn't even know it until an hour and a half after I got home and was running through the interview in my head. I'm actually embarrassed. Good grief I have an excellent education from an excellent school...... how could I have been such a retard?
All this and more happened before Mars and Mercury went retrograde, so I'm hiding under the bed until its all over in March. Which brings me to the next topic....
Mars went retrograde Dec 20Th, shortly after so did Mercury. The suck factor should be ramping up for a bunch of you out there right now. I'm not much in a mood to give advice right now. Lets face it my own advice hasn't been working for me so how can I tell anyone else what to do. I will say this. hold your temper, drive carefully and think long and hard before you open your mouth. The peak point will occur 2 days either side of January 27th. I suggest marking the dates cuz this one should be a doozy. Look for a royal type person to make major headlines about that time or possibly an actor (American royalty). Look for violence and just plain stupidity. Oh and expect some very stormy/snowy weather. It will all be over the first week in March and we can look forward to some rigorous spring cleaning.
That's about all I have the energy for right now. Most of you know the retrograde drill anyway.
As for myself, I'm crawling back under the bed with my crochet and I'm gonna try NOT to poke myself in the eye. Wish me luck!

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