Monday, November 19, 2007

Jupiter conjunct pluto Dec 11

To add to the MRX we are already slogging through....Transiting Jupiter conjoins transiting Pluto on December 11...Its happening in Sagitarrius. Jupiter expands and expounds everything it touches. Creepy ...considering it is rooming with Pluto, the planet of all things sex,death, rebirth,regeneration and shared resources and all things underworld and somewhat ...well....icky.... Unless the conjunction happens on a natal degree in your personal chart........This should be a more collective happening.... Groups you are involved in could manifest the energy with power struggles and underworld revelations.....and some general nastiness. On a planetary scale, with the whole world hating the U.S. for attacking a country without provocation and starting a neverending war, for our hypocracy and imperialistic attitude, this makes me nervous. With the U.S. Economy tanking (we in the PNW are not really feeling it yet, but its happening) Housing on the skids and the U.S dollar making a free fall in the world market......... this could be the signature that tips us over the edge. Hope you kept your Y2K paks.... you might need them. Once again I am hoping for bad weather instead of the other probable scenarios that could play out when the majors players decide to throw-down. Not much any of us can do in our day to day lives to mitigate collective issues but I thought you should be given a heads up.....just so you're not too surprised.

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