Tuesday, November 13, 2007

astrology, the moon and potted plants

Lets not forget the usefulness of astrology on a daily basis. In a recent conversation with old friend who just happens to be an indoor plant enthusiast (and a poet)....she was complaining that one of her precious plants was not thriving after re-potting. After ruling out any gardening errors I asked her what day she re-potted her little friend. Turns out she uprooted it during a waning Capricorn moon. Therein lay the problem. Capricorn is a dry sign and the moon was 'going away'. I advised her to wait until the moon was in a water sign (Pisces,Cancer,Scorpio), preferably when the moon was in a waxing phase and to re-pot the plant again.
This advice is straight from my wise ,farmer Grandmother who would never think of putting a seed in the ground without consulting the 'old farmers almanac' for the lunar cycles. While I am not going to repeat the copious planting information from the almanac (or granny) I will give you the highlights.......ALWAYS do your planting and re-planting on a waxing moon, in a water sign for best results. (This is also good advice for beginning just about any endeavor). To track lunar cycles easily, the old farmers almanac lays it out in easy to read tables, with other planting tips. So if you are an aspiring gardener of any ilk, I highly recommend the $8 a year investment

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