Friday, October 9, 2015

Nasty Cold, Apple Jack or Cider, Got things to do

Jimmy brought home a virus from his last job.  I'm on the tail end of it  but I sound so froggy that  even the dog  wont take me seriously.    I've got things to do. I don't have time for this!    I need to winterize  Mystic Cedars.  The tables on the  deck need to be taken down and stored for the  winter.   The living room needs to be re-arranged and the plants taken off the mantle so we can start using the fireplace again. Then there is more canning and more wine and cider making to  done.   You know those people who enjoy being sick because they love the attention (referencing Berliner's man-cold observations here)... I'm not one of them.  Being sick annoys me.  I lay around thinking about all the things I could be doing  if I felt like getting off the couch.  Damn you virus! Damn you!  But even on the couch, armed with Jimmy's foul tasting hoar hound tea, I've managed to work on some textile stuff. I finished a couple of bamboo scarves that I  like so much  I'm beginning to resent the intended recipients.  The half finished  rug that's been sitting in a corner untouched since April is now 3/4 finished.  I even picked up the guitar and  practiced a little. I can thank Dad for that. He bought me a guitar stand a couple of years ago so I can keep the instrument in sight.  He knows me so well. He knows that if its in a case under the bed, that's where it will stay.
I found myself wishing that I already had all the documents from  the King county archives that I have yet to retrieve.  This would have been a perfect week to do some writing.  I'm so close  to  having everything I need to put together   that I'm getting frustrated.  I can almost touch it and I'm getting eager to get to the  big reveal.  Jimmy is getting excited  now too. For the last four years he has listened to me go on and on about this project.  Now he wants to be a part of it. I made a deal with him two days ago : If he helps get the documents out of the archives, I will let him work on the script. Once we made the deal he was a flood of ideas.   Most of which I said 'no' too.  Breaking him of film school thinking isn't going to be easy.   He stared at me blankly  when I told him no 'ists' 'isms' or  'ians' will be allowed.   He keeps looking for context and I keep saying the  story is the context.  Jimmy and I are notorious  for our  creative arguments (it cant be helped when two  artists  marry).   I see a long drawn out one coming.   I'm sure  we will be yowling at each other , in front of the fire   this winter, over  how to present the material.   
But that argument will have to wait until the one over what to do with all the  mash I have started, gets  resolved. He wants to make apple jack. I want to make cider.     I  processed the apples so   you can start laying bets now on whether it be apple jack or cider ... or if we will come to a compromise (he did after all  prune the trees so that they would produce a few apples).

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  1. Context...for most people, life is what happens to them, what choices they make, how they react to these things. I'm pretty sure that most people never worry about the 'context' of their lives. If you are doing an analysis of her life and her times, then context is excellent...but if you're performing her life, her experience of it. then I doubt she's going to have a Marxist/feminist/existential/Zen perspective. If's going to be, he was an asshole, or I was foolish, and she might even discuss the why of those, but she is unlikely to provide a class critique on imperialism, feminism, and the conquest of the western North American continent. Even I only perceive my life as a feminist class struggle about 60% of the time ;-)