Sunday, September 14, 2014

High school reunion, seattle traffic, harvest season, inspired frieze

I got a message yesterday  afternoon from an old friend inquiring as to my presence at an event last night.  Said event  was my  high school reunion.  Crap! I almost missed it.  So this morning I have to thank  the magnificent PWM  for  thinking of me and inquiring.  I was only a little bit late getting there last night and had a grand time.   Everyone was amazing.  I had the usual HS reunion  anxieties (but just a little bit cuz I didn't have time to sit around and angst about it)  which were laid to rest pretty much the moment I walked through the door.  Some folks I recognized immediately and others took  a little longer. And then there was one....(don't give me that look  cuz  we've all had that moment of  'what if'.....and yes I WILL tell Jimmy... in a few days after I have found a file folder for it).   I  got to tell the band people that the reason I dropped out was that they were all better than me  and I couldn't keep up.  They were  (are) a seriously talented bunch of people.  I've been very lucky in this life to always be surrounded by smart, creative  people.  I had a serious case of the warm and fuzzies going  home last  night until ,that is, I ran into traffic.

  Seriously Seattle , how do you do that ?   How do you  have the same traffic at 11:00 on a Saturday night  that you have during rush hour   the rest of the week?  Insert heavy sigh here.

By the time I finally managed to pull into the driveway my  tired  brain had gone into default and I was calculating how many tomatoes I  could  stuff into the dehydrator and actually  have them dry  before they molded. Doing math  keeps me awake so I was also calculating how many more jars I would need  to get the texas chow-chow canned up.      I was also wondering if I had dropped enough hints to Jimmy about what I want for my birthday   this week.   I shouldn't say hints cuz I don't do that to him.  I learned years ago  that the best way to get  what I want inside a be-ribboned box is to just tell him. .  Visual aids also help so ....a  photo and a model number usually guarantees success.  Unless ,of course, I accidentally told him six months ago  that I wanted something else and he put it in  long term memory.

Yes, I know I am rambling this morning but, I was up at 5 am after a short night  and inspired by the Good Typist to try and keep a blog schedule.... or at least  blog more often..  It occurs to me that I might try writing a paragraph  at a time and then use bloggers  cool  scheduled post feature.  God only knows what kind of  confused mishmash, that passes for writing, that I would create that way.

There are a couple more weeks of  harvest season to handle and then  I can get into the studio guilt free.  In a conversation with Feral Jane yesterday I was inspired to  create a  multi medium frieze.  I was telling FJ about a textile mistake that I had made when an image popped into my head  fully complete  with materials and process.  There wasn't any 'how do I do this? or what do I use?'.  It was all there and complete.  I love it when that happens!  It makes being an artist so much easier.

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