Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Garden is in, chick dispersal, safety first

Garden is finally planted and  secured with bird netting.   We had to take a trip to   the gardeners disneyland : 'Flowerworld' ,  just a little north of us in Maltby because we never got around to getting our starts going.  Flowerworld is great fun.  Its acres and acres of plants, trees and garden gewgaws.  We picked up all of our squash and cucumber starts and  some rosemary, tarragon and thyme for the new herb bed.    We realized that the herb bed  that we put in  two years  ago was a prime spot for high sun veggies. A month ago we moved all the herbs and conditioned the bed in readiness for squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes..   We built up one of the beds that I have been struggling with since we moved in.  The struggle?... Creeping buttercup.  Its on the WA state noxious weed list and I know why. We put down gardeners felt  and raised it up by a foot.  Hopefully  that will keep it at bay while my beets gain a foothold.  With everything in the ground, we just need the sun to come out. 
  I anxiously await the first meal of the season  that comes completely of our own efforts. 
The salmon berries are slow  to  ripen this year. I'm pretty sure its because of the lack of warm sunny days.  I'm afraid the raspberries will all come in at once like they did last year.  I really need that 6 week slow ripening to be able to process them all.
At some point over the next month I need to take little sisters advice and hang a gazillion  cd's in the plum trees to discourage the squirrels.   I would like to actually get some plums this year.  Its been a while since I made plum wine and I'm really  wanting a glass of the good stuff.
The new chicks update.  I put up an add on craigslist     
So far I've had a few responses.  There has got to be a better way.  Everyone responding  has a paranoid note to their emails.      I'm pretty sure only two of the respondents actually read the whole add.       Oh well, hopefully I will get the leghorns I want before this season is over!
In the meantime, I need to clean the garden shed.  I was in there looking for something yesterday and was almost buried under a cave-in.  Safety First!

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