Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sitting in the dark, CFL's suck, cant get anything done in the dark, energy saving light bulbs

I would love to say "Sorry I haven't blogged in a while" But that wouldn't be entirely true. I have  blogged several times since my last post.  Some of them I haven't even finished before hitting delete. Some of them have been complete with spellcheck  and instead of hitting post, I hit delete.  This personal phenom is not confined to my  half-assed writing.  I went into the studio,  set up everything I needed for a piece I've been percolating on for a while. I stood there , brush in hand and then...just couldn't do it.  I started to set up the finished antique bed in the bedroom, hit a minor glitch and then just couldn't do it.  Tried to finish some of those handmade Christmas gifts that didn't get done before the holidays because of time constraints , and just couldn't do it. Tried to  make some more of Grannys  plaster fish and just couldn't do it.   This isn't ennui.  That's a completely different thing.  When I'm running with a bout of ennui everything feels pointless and my brain goes to that existential place that I visit every so often.     This is something else.  These are simple tasks.  They are not life journey,   epiphanal, fate hangs in the balance, turning point in the road of life, sorts of things.    Maybe its just because last year was so  crazy busy  and now that I have down time  ALL of me wants a vacation.  Or maybe I just want to do something new.  Or maybe not.  Or maybe..... 
 I'm tired of sitting in the dark.  I realized over the holidays that I HATE CFL's.  I can see how they save energy.  They don't put out enough light to keep an able bodied grown-up awake.  It gets pretty dark and gray here, in the frozen wasteland of the Pacific Northwest , around the solstice.   Good lighting  is essential to performing tasks for about 4 months  out of the year.  We are almost completely CFL in our household ...now.    And we are saving tons of energy because ...well.... its to hard to do stuff in the dark.   I'm tired of walking into a room , turning on the light, and then having to wait 10 minutes before I can see anything.  I want my incandescents back.  I want light in my house so I can get things done.    I especially want  to be able to see in my kitchen.  My kitchen miiiiight be 8x10 .  There are three light fixtures and the  stove light in there.  AND its still a dark cave.  I feel like I'm going spelunking every time I walk in there. 
Somebody please tell me there is a black  market for outlawed light bulbs.  And then someone please tell me who the dealer is because I'm tired of sitting in the dark and doing nothing.  

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