Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1970's swag lamp, refurbished vintage tables, handmade cushions

Its been a year!   Ok...  a little more than a year since we moved in.  When we first moved in  we had so much to do  that  we stored a great many things in the barn until an unspecified later.  'Later' has arrived.  I have been pulling things out of the barn and  painting and repairing.    I spent an afternoon repairing the   oh- so -cool 1970's swag lamp.  Its not the coolest 70's  swag lamp ever made (that is reserved for the iconic rain lamp) but, when an item is almost 40 years out of fashion... you take what you can get.  Its done and hanging in a corner!    I have been in a painting frenzy for almost two weeks.  Stripping was required for the  vintage coffee table.  Once I had it stripped there were flaws  that said  'paint me cuz I'm old and stained".  After that I HAD  to paint the end tables.  The rocking chair  needed a coat too.  I picked up  a 1940's  end table a few weeks ago which I was going to strip,stain and oil  but, decided at the last minute to paint  it instead.  I painted it the same color as the  media cart!  Jimmy, of course, is pacing like a polar bear in a cut rate zoo.   All this change is making him nervous.  To make him feel like he's part of the change, I let him choose the fabrics for the hand made couch cushions and the rocking chair cushion.  He's OK with it now but, on his way to work last night he told me not to touch anything  else until he gets home.  He loves the swag lamp!  I cant tell how he feels about the beaded lamp shade.  He keeps adjusting it.  Could be love.  Could be hate.
Here's a couple of sample photos. 

1970's swag lamp rebuilt and working perfectly!

Refurbished  vintage tables and handmade cushions.


  1. Sweet! And the swag lamp looks just like the one that's *still* in mom's living room!

  2. Wow! It looks all great. That swag lamp brought back some memories!