Friday, October 26, 2012

Too many eggs, Sleeping Dragons, long hours, OOPS, WE are the intruders

My apologies!  It had to be pointed out to me by a couple of die hard readers that it has been way to long since I blogged.  I have excuses.... lots and lots  of them. So, here goes: Since Jimmys birthday we have had a steady stream of visitors...which we have enjoyed immensely, especially the visits from family.   Of particular delight was the visit from Dad and step-Mom.  I just wish they lived closer.  'Course I would seldom see Jimmy if they did.  He'd spend all of his time picking dad's brain for  'how-to's' and arguing politics.
We didn't have enough chairs for all the visitors.  So, I'm slowly fixing that.   The antique mandarin chairs in the dining room just cant handle the amount of butt traffic we asked of them over the last three months. 
Little home owner-y projects that are necessary but to dull to blog about have sucked up our time.  Gardening, canning, soap making,  bread making, cooking from scratch, recycling old things into usable, functional things, raising chickens.... all that is easy.... But, putting a new threshold on the back door and  fastening it to concrete? Cleaning clogs out of forty year old pipes that haven't been cleaned in thirty years?   Continually chasing vermin from walls and attics that have lived here so long they think WE are the intruders? (a spider so big it made Jimmy scream like a girl, crawled from behind the wood stove two weeks ago) .  That foam sealer in the can? Who knew that when you used it to seal cracks to keep out the cold air, that when you came back an hour later it would  look like a snow storm had hit the laundry room?
 I still haven't figured out how to get a covering over the super  sized,  custom made,  sliding glass door in living room.
I'm afraid of the leaky faucet in the kitchen (what if I try to fix it and wind up having to replace ALL the plumbing in the house?)
The vent over the kitchen stove vents back into the kitchen... WTF? Whose lame ass idea was that?
There is no cold water going to the downstairs shower and the only way to find out why is to pull out the shower stall and take a chance  that the whole house will come crashing down around us when we do.  We decided, together, to let that sleeping dragon lie for a while! We have enough mythical monsters nipping at our heels right now to wake one up on purpose!
   That is just the home owner-y things that are sucking up our time.   Jimmy has been working  long-long-long hours.  I see him for about 15 minutes at 5 am and about a half hour around 9 pm.  He's exhausted.  I just cant bring myself to say things like "Honey, I poked a hole in the pipe under the bathroom sink today. (it took me all day to fix it and I now have a crush on the old grizzled guy at Ace Hardware)  Or "Sweetie, I accidentally ran the dishwasher and the microwave  at the same today and when the circuit blew it burned out the microwave.".  I just quietly  bought a new microwave.  When Jimmy saw it and asked about it, I just said  'the old one broke".  He said 'ok' and promptly fell asleep face down in his dinner.
I have been taking classes and auditioning, hoping to get as much commercial work as possible to pay for the plumbing I keep breaking.
I have too many eggs.  For reasons relating to  above complaints, I cant put out my fantasy sign by the roadway yet.  I currently  have 5 dozen eggs in my fridge and by Monday I will have 5 more . Good Typist... please come get some eggs (Feral Jane, ALL  the Chris's  and Christines  that I know, Darling Daughter, Brother Matt and those I haven't mentioned by name... please drop by for some farm fresh eggs).

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