Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Artistic tantrums, summer vacation, Johnny Horton songs, I'm smarter than a chicken.

I am smarter than a chicken. I am. Really!  Yes it took 4 days to find their point of egress... but, I DID find it!  Now I just have to figure out where they laid all the eggs. 1 acre doesn't seem like a lot until you have to go on an egg hunt.  For the  last week they have been escaping and laying eggs somewhere   in the excess brush surrounding the place.  But, not anymore!... i hope......  In fact, my heart is filled with that little black beetle called hope right now.  I have been panning for gold in the river behind my house.  Every little speck I find sends my heart soaring.  Now I know how all those gold rushers felt.  I have been humming  'Johnny Horton' songs for a month.  I have a tub of gold dust laden sand that is just waiting for me to figure out how to get them separated.  By my reckoning... If I do ever get the dust out of the sand, I will have enough to buy a pair of shiny red shoes with a bow on the toe!
What am I doing playing in the water and dirt everyday when there is so much work to be done around here?  About 6 weeks ago Jimmy and I made a decision to just slow down and enjoy the rest of the summer and let our  injuries heal (he blew out his knee and I messed up my hands during the move).  We cant really go anywhere cuz neither of us can drive very far without paying for it.  After about 40 minutes of driving my hands go numb  and Jimmy has about an hour in him before  he's  limping.  But it is getting better.  At least I can get my shopping done now before I cant feel the steering wheel anymore.   So, no guilt when we are drinking sangria on the veranda (its... medicinal) and watching the chickens  be all chicken-y below us.  I do need to get in the studio though.   A couple of weeks ago, I tried sketching some studies for a series I want to do.  I lasted all of 20 minutes before I got so frustrated at  the lack of control I had in my hands that I threw my wood less pencil across the room and stormed out.  And Yes!  Nowhere does my classic artistic temperament come out faster than in the studio.  Before you cringe..... I do some of my best work in  the throws of a temper fit.  I've also decimated some pieces that had a lot of promise!  I figure its just all part of the process.  AAAnnnd, I don't subject the general population to  my  artistic tantrums.  The only people who have ever seen them are my closest intimates.  They know it  happens and they choose to be present anyway.  Anyway.... until healing happens... we are on home bound vacation.

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