Sunday, July 22, 2012

Coronation, sold painting, I'm a princess, getting rich, God will harden Pharaoh's heart

Phew! Its been a busy few weeks! first.... Jimmy's  coronation...... er ...birthday. One of the big ones ending in zero, so, it went on for 3 weeks.  I tried to have a surprise party for him but, in true Jimmy fashion he figured it out and then kept picking at it until he  gleaned all the details aaannnd  then wanted to make sure it was perfect according to his specifications.  Guess its what I get for marrying an engineer. They have a blueprint for everything and YE SHALL NOT DEVIATE.  So... tons of company and lots of socialising  for 3 straight weeks.  Including  Jimmy's Mom.  I am very fortunate to have a smart and supportive mother-in-law!   She's doing some genealogy work on the family tree and added me to it.  Come to find out I'm a genuine Indian princess (nansemond nation) and daugher of the American revolution.  And here all this time I thought I came from a long line of potato lovin', immigrant  peasants that escaped  to America to  stay out of prison in the home country.  Don't know if I like being respectable and of noble lineage.  I had embraced a picture of myself as a mud blood, roguish adventurer with a devil-may-care attitude long ago.  But, I am having fun torturing Jimmy  with repeated  chanting of  ........."AND I'm a princess!"
And soon I will be a rich princess... I have been  panning for gold in the creek behind our house.  OK....Maybe I wont get rich but, its a great way to spend an overly warm day in the great PNW.  And I did manage to find a few grains.
The real and most exciting news of the week is that CBS is buying one of my paintings for set decoration  on one of its fall tv shows.  Details to follow when transaction is completed. And if it doesn't wind up on the cutting room floor ... a party, to watch  the episode it shows up in. Its a cop show.... So with any luck it will be in a scene in a  hotel room where a murder occurs.... all spattered with blood!!!!!
And of course the chickens.  They are all getting along fine and acting like chickens , with the exception of  one. She follows me everywhere wanting to be petted.  I find this disconcerting.  After Hash died I made a firm rule  not to bond with any of them, going so far as to get all one breed so no one could be singled out as special.  But this little one,  who has no name, I'm not sure what to do with. With any luck.... God will harden Pharaoh's heart. 

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