Sunday, May 6, 2012

stinging nettle fast cure, Unicorn farts, first night fuss,

Do not...I repeat....DO NOT pick the pretty yellow flowers on the side of the house.  They BITE!  You would think after all this time in western WA, that I would know what  indigenous  stinging nettles look like.  But My  dumb ass.... thought they would look pretty on the kitchen table.  Fortunately great Granny's   cure worked pretty fast.  1. Wash area with apple cider vinegar.  2. Make a paste of baking soda and apply to affected area... let dry completely.   It takes about 1/2  hour for the cure to work... but you really do need that half hour to contemplate your own stupidity and to plan how not to be  THAT grossly retarded again! 
I thank who ever was looking out for me yesterday that I had already   taken out the integration pen the new girls were in and had set up the big coop  for its new occupants.   Jimmy and I were prepared for the after-dark chicken hunt  that always seems to happen  the first night  new girls go in with the old girls.  Last night the surprise was on us.  All the chicks went in together and settled in and the old girls kept  looking in the coop and  backing away.  When  Jimmy and I came out to assist in the tucking in... the old girls looked at us like  "really?  You are making us sleep with 7 kids?... awwww gyod ....its gonna be a long night!".  It took some convincing but by dusk everyone was in bed with minimal fuss.
And now for the great news. Jimmy and a friend finally got the  mower/tractor  put back together and running.  Its been in pieces all over the driveway for  over a month.  Jimmy's friend convinced him to work on it  one more time.  Jimmy of course told his friend  that his head was full of  fairy wings, rainbows  and  unicorn farts, if he thought the thing would ever run again.   Two hours later  I heard it fire up ...gave it a few minutes to see if it would keep running.... and went outside to congratulate the boys.  The most delightful sound in the world?  Unicorn Farts!  An hour later our 1 acre looked like people live here.  All smooth and pretty! We just might be able to do this!

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