Sunday, May 20, 2012

Photo tour, Gardening on a hill, nice little pea patch

Camera has been found!  So, today will  be some photos of what we are doing around  Mystic Cedars.
 First leg of the  tour is  the terraced garden.   Jimmy was offended when an overly interested passerby called it a  'nice pea patch'.  I have to admit... I wanted to throw  a mud ball at the guy myself.  No  'pea patch' ever took this much work.  In the first photo you cant really see how steep the hill is or how high the black berries were.  The hill side photo was taken in February and some of the blackberries were up to my waist.  We still haven't decided how to finish it yet.  Jimmy wanted to do  gypsum but I talked him out of it....cuz it would hurt my knees while weeding.  Then we talked about sodding and grass but, neither of us wants to mow that steep hill.  It will probably take all summer to figure it out and knowing us.... it will probably  be resolved organically.  'Organic' in this case, means we don't choose....the garden chooses for us.

Blackberry covered hillside in March

First we cut  the blackberries  down to a manageable size. Then we took  shovels and dug the roots out ....each and every one of them!

Terraced garden with four 5foot by 5foot boxes. You can just see the corner of the 10 foot by 5 foot box  at the bottom. The retaining wall is   recycled concrete from  a driveway one of our old neighbors was replacing.

Bottom view of terraced garden

View from the top of the garden.  The back of Jimmy's head is an added bonus.  He loves to sit at the top and admire his work.

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