Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mars retrograde 2012 , moving a mini farm, Offline for a while

Just a quick update:  Jimmy and I will be moving to the new place all this month .  I expect to be online  infrequently due to moving and changing  utilities.  I'll be back in March with lots of news  I'm sure the tales of moving a  backyard farm to a mini farm will be hair raising.  In the mean time those of you who are looking for astrology updates ..... I finally got my dedicated astrology web site up and running last month.  Its pretty raw right now but give it a couple of months  and I will have some great things up there.  While I am toting boxes of books, preserves,plants,animals and a totally unrealistic Jimmy(he thinks this is all going to get done by magic)  You can go over to  and read your  horoscope for your sun sign.  And I am open to comments on  what you think would make the site better.  I am learning as I some good suggestions may take a while to implement.  But I am listening.

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