Friday, November 18, 2011

HashTag is a rooster, back from AR, sick again, Jimmys inner bachelor

Good Morning Seattle! Nice to be home.  I've missed you....and your water.  Just got back from another trip to Arkansas.  Thanks to the plane rides... I am sick again.  I'll be cleaning out the chicken coop  today with my pockets full of tissues.  Jimmy's inner bachelor must have gone to Vegas without him cuz when I got home everything was in pretty good shape.   But once again it was freezing in here when I came home.  Why the man wont turn on the heat or build a fire  when I'm not around is beyond me. Even though he took care of things  while I was gone, I still have a tone of things to do.  The last batch of herbs I hung to dry are ready to be   stripped and stored.  I have a bag of apples I stole from an empty house that I need to get fermenting  so I can add them to my rapidly diminishing  apple cider vinegar.  About a month ago I bought some linen on sale at Joannes so I could make a table cloth for the holidays.  The  house plants all need to be trimmed and fertilised.  The  summer clothes need to be packed up and put away so we will have room for the sweaters and thermals. And I need to  drive out to the feed store.  The girls are getting low on lay mash.  Jimmy called while I was out of town with reports of  'crowing ' from HashTag.  I haven't heard any  boy chicken noises  since I've been back so I don't know.  If hash is a rooster he is the most un rooster I've ever seen.  Hash is always the last one out of bed.  NO aggressive behavior toward  the girls.  Very sweet natured and ...... What was that noise?   Ah crap!  What fortuitous timing... as I was writing that last  sentence I heard it.... That was a crow!  Two  in a row, just in case I didn't get it the first time.  Mystery solved!  That means the itty bitty eggs are coming from someone else. Hash is indeed a rooster.  Guess I will need to do some research on  fertilised eggs and what to do with the offspring if there are any.

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