Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trek across the south land, bad coffee, spoiled seattle, flying saucers, inner bachelor

Whew... Its good to be home. Just finished a week long trek across the south land.  Said hello to one and goodbye to another. A bittersweet  time to say the least.
But now I'm back.   Jimmy embraced his inner bachelor while I was gone......... Actually him and his inner bachelor made out on the living room rug.  He was still at work when I walked through the door bags in hand.  And I walked into a cave! Cold and dark.  While I was gone he resorted to  take out and instant coffee. He never once turned on the heat so it was freezing when I walked in. (It was a good thing I bought souvenir pullover hoodies for both of us)   When he wasn't doing take out....... Well, I found  banquet salisbury dinners in the freezer.  And the cat.... I need to go buy new cat food today cuz the little friskies he bought her was thrown up all over the carpet this morning.  I wont even talk about the laundry or the kitchen!  I will leave it to your imaginations.
On the South land.... Coffee.... Next time I am taking my own coffee and my Italian coffee pot.  The guy in the airport Starbucks in Little Rock  apologised when I ordered a short mocha breve' because he had to charge more for the half and half.   I couldn't figure out what he was talking about at first.   Then it dawned on me.  Folks down south think a latte should be the same price as drip coffee and  and if the coffee calls for a half pint of half and half they shouldnt have to pay for it.   I actually said the words.... "I'm from Seattle. I know how to order a cup of coffee and how much it costs."  but I was appalled at the look of fear in the baristo's eyes when  he thought I would yell at him when he told me my  SMB would be $3.50... I was buying coffee in an airport, I expected to pay  $6.00.  Course' Arkansas's minimum wage is lower than the federal minimum wage.  I would balk too if I couldn't pay rent  and a cup of coffee cost me a half hour of my life.  But then back in my poverty days... I didn't order mocha breve's. 
And I am reminded of how good our water is here in Washington every time  I leave the state.   Even the filtered water tastes nasty down south.  We are truly spoiled here in the great frozen north.
I gotta go clean up after Jimmy's inner bachelor then I have a whole bunch of stuff to do to get ready for Halloween.  This year is 1950's outer space. We are putting a giant flying saucer on the roof!

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  1. Water-wise, this is probably the best place to be in the country, I tells ya! And considering how depleted most water tables are down south, I've no doubt the mineral concentrations are pretty stout. Ugh.

    There are states down south that pay $5 a week for unemployment benefits. That's one mocha breve with tip. Strange to think that technically we're all one country.