Saturday, October 15, 2011

I love my chickens, buying a house, Moving an established lifestyle

Loving my chickens.   I went against the rules and let them out day before yesterday when we had all that sun.  I was working in the yard and could keep them out of the garden.  They were pretty much purring as they foraged under the oak tree  getting at a whole new crop of bugs and worms.  When I let them out one of  reds was in the coop laying.  When she came out of the coop she freaked out because she was all alone. Elphie and Hash responded first by dashing back into the pen. The others came running too.  They surrounded her and en mass  escorted her into the yard.    They waited until she settled in and then went back to happily scratching.  I love the way they take care of each other in a crisis.  Makes up for those times when they are fighting so much I want to make soup out of them.  I got to show them off to the real estate agent last night!  Yep Jimmy and I are going to take advantage of the buyers market and  buy ourselves a house with a little bit more land.  I want a bigger garden and a few more chickens and Jimmy wants goats!  I really want a miniature cow too ... but I think that would kill Jimmy.  Every time I mention it, he get this sort of purplish, strangled look on his face.    Anyway... about this house.....  I never realized, until we were explaining to our  VERY PATIENT real estate agent, Amanda,  just how picky we are.  I mean for the most part we are pretty laid back  about our living conditions.   The wall of bookshelves is always disorderly, cuz we use it almost daily.  Its not a library, its a reference center.  Jimmy and I always have our little piles of crap related to whatever project we are working on  laying about within convenient reach. The back porch, laundry room always carries evidence of our outdoor activities (shoes,gloves, baskets, hand tools, you name it) There is usually evidence in the kitchen of gardening and cooking  laying around.  I mean, we don't live in one of those homes that would make it into  a magazine with cream colored rugs and  'Decor'.  (decor is silly)   We have a lot of original art in the house but they are not treated like  museum pieces.  They are treated like one of the family.  We are description...... scruffy.   So, I was surprised when it took 3 hours to lay out what we wanted  and why.
I'll be sad to leave this place.  The gardens are well established and we have a nice routine.  Starting over somewhere else  will be daunting.  On the upside... we will get our green house. On the downside... OMG we have to MOVE all this stuff. The fish will need a new pond immediately. We will have to take down part of the fence  to get the chicken coop out. We will need 6 guys to move the hot tub. We will have to dig up the  the medicinal garden to take with us cuz some of the stuff we have is hard to come by.  The cold frames will need to come down.  The solarium will have to be disassembled and moved quickly so the tropicals don't die. Many of the herbs will need to be put in pots and transferred cuz I'm not leaving my favorite sage plant or my thyme bush.  And all that will have to happen before I even pack up the house.   Good Lord...... I'm tired already just thinking about it!

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  1. Well, call your me...for help! We're always willing to work for beer or a free sammich!