Monday, August 29, 2011

Rehearsal, backyard chickens, Leena's Cafe

I woke up at a savagely early hour today so decided to take advantage of it  and  do a blog update.  I'm in the middle of rehearsal for a show right now so getting things done is much more important than talking about  (or writing )  what I'm doing.   Our 'no summer' ..then ...'sudden summer " has resulted in the garden all coming in at once.     So, lots 'O canning and preserving to be done  now, or to be more accurate, NOW!!!!!      
The girls are doing well.  Everyone is integrating with minimal fuss.  Even #hashtage is  running-away-screaming  less.  He/she is still spoiled beyond belief.  And He/she still  still believes he/she is human.   My rehearsal schedule has kept me pretty busy  and Monday and Tuesdays  I'm almost completely invisible around here.  Last Thursday, on my extended chicken visit to the pen #hashtag crawled up on my lap and tattled on everyone for a good ten minutes before  she  laid her head on my chest and purred contentedly.  She really does have some un-chicken behaviors.  Or he does.  We are not sure  at this time  which way our little hash is going to go.   Twice in the last month, we have heard what sounds like distinct crowing noises.   If #  is a boy that could explain why all the girls treat  him like a pariah.   They know what is coming.  
Just a note:  Feral Jane and I went to Leena's Cafe yesterday and I couldn't have have scripted a better experience.  Perfect service and perfect food.  AND we were the youngest people in the restaurant.    We had the oh so yummy chicken fried steak.  Jane agreed...  it is THE best diner experience in the Seattle area.  Oh and very important.... Free, convenient parking. I hate having to add $20  onto my dinner tab for parking.    

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  1. Don't forget the delightful lemon bundt cake from Leena's - it's not tapioca pudding (nothing is as good as homemade tapioca pudding), but nice and full of lemony goodness! And bundt! A food so old-fashioned that spell check doesn't recognize it...