Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mercury retrograde, integrating chickens, pruning the garden

Chicken integration is going well....sort of.  Mostly we have Detente.  Everyone gives everyone else space and stays out of each others way. The older girls are still strutting and posturing, but no attacking. The two new girls  are pretty much staying to themselves. Hashtag is still trying to  to make friends with everybody but mostly she hangs out on top of the potato box and runs to Jimmy and I when we are about. 
Jimmy and I ruthlessly  pruned our squash, cucumbers and tomatoes this week. We did it because our plants were producing a lot of fruit but not much of was maturing. 
We took off the leaves so the fruit would grow.  I think its working. I'll let you know in a week.  But beans?  We got beans!  The bush beans and Pole beans we staggered all   came up at the same time (thanks to the  cold summer we have had.)
I'm still looking for an etching press .  I would rather trade than buy ,but I'm open.
I'm doing some theater right now so my blogging might be a little sporadic.  I had intended to give a heads up on this Mercury retrograde.  Dates to watch for are the full moon on the 13th and the Mrx conjunct sun on the 17th.  I'm thinking about starting a blog just for astrology.  But I'm not sure yet.  It might be too much effort.

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