Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pie making tips, sacrificing virgins, Pumpkin killer, Seattle gardening challenges.

I made a peach pie yesterday! It was BEAUTIFUL! But like so many pretty things  it was  less than perfect on the inside.    It was runny and not sweet enough.  Today I found a great site with pie making tips and  next time Jimmy asks for peach pie I will consult here first.  http://www.dianasdesserts.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/bakingtips.piesandtarts/PiesandTarts.cfm

I'm not going to fill this blog with whining about my failed pie. I'm just gonna make another one and fix the problem. 
Gardening in Seattle has been a challenge this year.   But well worth it.  Our cooler weather vegetables like snow peas and broccoli  are rockin' it.  Tomatoes?  Well....  we may need to sacrifice a virgin to the tomato gods  because even with cold frames we don't have a single tomato yet.
Our cold framed cucumbers are doing well enough that I was able to put up 9 jars of pickles yesterday.  Extra hot and spicy.

I was going to brag about my pumpkins that I put in the front yard where the   'now  firewood' pine tree was growing.  But Jimmy hired the 16 year old neighbor kid to mow the front lawn and he mowed right over the trailing vines.  I know the kid resented actually having to earn the $10 for 1/2 an hours work but did he have to take it out my beautiful pumpkins?  Everyone else can keep praising the  honor roll student who is destined for great things, but I know who he really is! PUMPKIN KILLER!  What's next?  Daisies and then small animals?   I've got my eye on that boy.... He doesn't have me fooled! 

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