Monday, June 27, 2011

Back yard chickens in Seattle, Opossum problem, art festival, auditions, Home made Jam

Whew! What a week: working at the art festival, auditions, callbacks, keeping track of Hashtag and Jimmy (working long uncomfortable hours)  And  lots of company!

 Need to make some acknowledgements......  Good typist:CONGRATULATIONS!   Feral Jane: YOU ROCK (I'll tell you why later).  CG: THANK YOU! (couldn't have done it without you!)

Now for blogging. My coffee tastes funny this morning.  Hashtag is integrating pretty long as Jimmy and I are no where to be seen or heard in the evening, she is going to bed by herself with the big girls.  If she can see or hear Me or Jimmy she stays up till she falls asleep on the ground.  The Joys of chickening.
And now we have a new addition to our back yard paradise. A baby Opossum!  Spotted twice this week in full daylight.  Once by the studio and once in the chicken pen.  The thing is almost as cute as Hashtag but its an opossum.  And it will grow up and it will cause problems. So, now I have to deal with it.  I'm thinking a 'have a heart' trap will catch it but then what do I do with it?   I have no problem killing rats, but in my simple mind opossum are a  hair more sympathetic.  The chickens come first though since they provide food for us.  If I could find a use for the opossum, I would let it stay.  Oh well. I will figure something out.
Art Festival:  Interesting this year.  Waaaaaaaay fewer entries and what was entered was on the dark side.  We had our usual round of landscapes and  dogsyoursupposedtolove  paintings (i really hate those things!) but most of the art had a dark edge.  All the paintings, prints and sculptures of people were deformed, shredded, disjointed and, in general, gave one a sense of pain.  Guess the collective is beginning to express an emotional reaction to 3 wars , a dead economy, no health care and  the pressure of the ever increasing  isolation of the individual in our  distopian modern America. Oh and tons of crow /raven imagery.  Gotta give that one some more thought and do some research.  The collective is expressing an archetype.  Now I have to drag out all of my copies of Jung and Joseph Cambell.   No cutesy anthropomorphized animals this year.  The anthro-an art was all vicious  and predatory.  And only 3 paintings out of 300+ sold  from the festival.  Even the winners did not sell this year.  Folks might need to express it and view it but they don't want it hanging in their living room. 
Jimmy expressed a desire for strawberry jam on his PB&J this week and I was surprised to discover  that I am down to 4 jars of jam.  So, this week I will be buying a 50 pound bag of turbinado and  beginning the process with strawberries from the great farmers market just down the road.
And one last thing..... Good typist: I promise to have the pieces finished before rehearsals start in August...... I promise!

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