Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stoganoff from scratch recipe, NO 'can of cream of mushroom soup', time travel to the 1970's, classic meal

So... Jimmy requested  stroganoff for dinner  a couple of nights ago.  I dug all through the internet to find a recipe  that didn't call for adding 'a can of cream of mushroom soup'.  After  almost 5 years of   gardening, fresh eggs, homecooking from scratch  and limiting processed foods, Jimmy and I have developed a sensitivity to that   funky, chemical-y after taste that comes with all commercially  processed foods. We don't like it.... it tastes bad.  Anyway.....    After about 2 hours of digging I gave up and turned to my FB  friends.  Many recipes were forwarded my way.  None of which were  'perfect'.    We (the royal we) decided to take the best elements of each  and combine them.  I learned through all this that sour cream is the original  ingredient  that makes stroganoff.... well.....stroganoff   ( without it , you just have creamed beef or sausage or...whatever)  and this is the key ingredient that Campbell's usurped.  When we  erased   the Campbell's soup company programming from our mental hard drive...... This is what happened........... 

Stroganoff by Committee

1.We boiled up a bag of egg noodles, buttered them, and put them  in an attractive serving bowl.

2.Next, we  put a couple of tablespoons of olive oil  in a cast iron skillet.
3.Then we put in sausage, onions, mushrooms and browned them all together.
4. Then we stirred in 1 cup of sour cream and 1/4 cup of water and brought it to  a quick boil (just enough to heat up the sour cream)
5. Then we poured the whole thing over the egg noodles.

I put the delightful looking dish on the table (sorry no pictures but we were too hungry to stop and take photographs) next to a bowl of  a simple salad of  iceberg lettuce and sliced tomatoes with a creamy dressing.
Jimmy said it was the best meal  'by committee' he ever had.
I was marveling at the time travel ambiance of the meal. It was very 1970's  Brady Bunch-y looking.... and tasting.

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