Monday, February 14, 2011

The Promise of Energy Psycology a review, Well... sort of a book review

Well boys and girls, Today we are doing a book review...... sort of , Mostly I am letting you know about something that I have had success with.

I bought the book through back in June of 2010.
One of the best purchases I have ever made.
The techniques that are laid out in an easy to understand, step by step, process really do work...... with caveats of course. 
The information you need to get started is given up front in the first chapter (which is great for people like me who spend the first 3 chapters of every non-fiction book asking 'what is your point?')  The authors lay out a fast and easy basic recipe,  which quite frankly after 9 months of playing with it, I can honestly say works.....especially in emergent or stressful situations. It relies on the points in your body that are used by acupuncturists....minus the needles.  By lightly tapping on these points and stating what you need, (using the  script the authors provide) you can change your energy and emotional state in just a couple of short  minutes. (I've been using it for 9 months and I am still surprised at the obvious, immediate and positive responses I get from others) I have used it to change my energy / attitude for interviews, cravings, confrontations, trips to the dentist and visits with my mother.  I have also had some success with  breaking habits and building new  routines that support what I want to do.  Since I have been using the technique laid out in the book  my studio has become more organized and I have been able to focus my energy on creativity. When I need to switch gears from  creating  art to marketing and presentation of  said art, that feeling of being zapped by a tazer is not so bad (its still there... it has just dropped the voltage considerably).   One of the coolest things to come out of using the technique is the ability to ask for the solution to a problem.  I'm not lazy....I have no problem with doing the work needed for anything from relationships to fixing the car.  But I get really pissed when I'm working on something and everything I try fails.  So, being handed actionable solutions just by asking  is a gift from the universe.


The book claims that deep psych issues can be worked out with this process.  Deeply ingrained self esteem issues and the such.   Maybe I don't have the patience to keep at the process or maybe I need to work with a group but some of the info that I get from working on the long term issues is overwhelming enough to make me walk away from it.   I recommend if you use the technique for deep issues  that you either have professional counseling support or put together a group of folks who  can be objective and supportive at the same time.  The authors do a great job in the 300 pages they have in the book, of trying to address these things. But it is only a book and people really do need people in some situations.
That said, I have been buying this book for friends and family  for 6 months now and the ones who have actually cracked it open are reporting successes such as  finally getting a job, weight loss,  better focus, better general attitude and so forth.  Feral Jane and Slick willie  feel free to chime in on the comments sections.

So, the technique is a good new tool to add to the  'quality of life ' toolbox.  The book is an easy read.  Its possible to see immediate results.  Go ahead and try it and then let me know what your results are.
 I'm keeping track even if its just anecdotal.  Here is the Amazon link for anyone who is interested.     

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