Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Venus Retrograde 2010, Venus retrograde results, Disturbed Muse, rocky resources, rocky relationships, what did you learn?

We are told its going to snow in Western WA this weekend. Duh... I could have told them months ago that Thanksgiving will be an 'over the river and through the woods' kind of holiday this year. Venus is readying to station direct on Friday the 19th. Yes boys and girls its almost over.  The  situations we have found ourselves in  since August  will finally BEGIN to resolve themselves. Life and love will again start to move will shake itself loose, relationships (whats left of them )will find a medium ground, that persistent cold will go away, the job will be landed and so forth.  All assuming that when  Venus cracked the dominatrix whip.... you did the work. But back to the snow.....  When Venus retrogrades it keeps the world in a sort of suspended pocket (for lack of a better explanation)  It creates the conditions it wants us work in and then holds them.  So when Venus finally takes off the ball gag and hand cuffs and says 'you can go now"  there is a need to get to a safe place  and resume normal functions.  While we have been distracted by all things  Venus-y, other work has piled up ... (Decembers 3 week Mercury retrograde will show us just what we missed while we were tied up in the basement) Weather conditions are not exempt. There will be some catching up to do.
On the 19th Venus will complete its mission to re-orient our relationships, emotions and resources.  Then we will have a few months to learn to live with our new head and heart spaces. We will once again be able to understand what is going on in our own head and hearts and possibly those of others.   And all those wonderful ideas that our disturbed muses thrust upon us during the retrograde? We will finally be able to sort through them and begin to turn the viable ones in to  master  pieces.
And please... don't forget to take a moment and examine the lessons that VRX was trying to impart.  Cuz if you don't.... You are doomed to repeat the class in 8 years.

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