Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Venus retrograde 2010, coping with Venus retrograde. Stop crying and create, Its almost over

Many letters, many tearful phone calls,  And some folks just showing up on my doorstep.  All of them asking the same desperate question.  When is it going to be over?    I wrote a response to  a very close friend this morning and realized after reading it that everyone could use this advice right about now.  So, I lifted and edited  a personal letter to a friend  and  I'm offering it to you as well.

The really nasty crap ends on the 19th but we get to revisit it in 'lite' form until after venus completes its transit over the point to which it went retrograde which is December 20th.

When Venus retrogrades... especially in Scorpio. We have to deal with our own subconscious crap, old worn out relational patterns (our patterns not others). Our own culpability if you will. After the 20th we will be offered a gift if we learned our lesson well. For most of us that gift... be it person, thing or situation has already been hanging out around us during the VRX, but we are so caught up in our own shit we cant see it. I don't usually tell people about this silver lining because they wont listen anyway. I mean... who listens when they are in pain or angry or obsessed ?

Whatever this Venus retrograde has brought  down on you.....Its meant as a lesson. The planets teach if we are willing to learn. The planet  Venus rules  love, money and art.  My best advice is to focus on a creative project. Get out those art supplies (whatever they are) And dive into it. Art/creativity is Venus gift to us. Its our 'out' when shit goes bad. Its the place to pour all those raw feelings so we don't implode when the universe is teaching us something. Art organizes feelings and manifests them externally so we can see them objectively (hows that for a definition of art that you wont get in art school) So, start writing, painting, sculpting, dancing or whatever you have used in the past as a creative outlet and don't put too many restrictions on it. That's the other part... It has to be something you have done before, something you already have a reasonable proficiency in because VRX wont let you start something new. Do this now  so when  the post venus retrograde gift  makes its self known, you will already have dealt with your baggage and can  start fresh , clean and relatively baggage free.
I know a lot of you are confused or in pain right now . I am doing the best I can to help alleviate it by giving you this advice.  Please take the advice. It is offered with love and good intent.

And I'm not just saying this to get everyone off my ass.

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