Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Production, You damn kids get off my lawn

We are nearing Halloween and the BIG production. Other people 'decorate' for Halloween... not us. We are compelled to put on a production worthy of Ziegfeld!  We spend July and August planning, September and October building the pieces for it. Will you ever see us in the news? No! Cuz we put it all up at 10 am  October 31st and tear it all down November 1st. Cardboard, paper mache,chicken wire and duct tape painted with fluorescent colors, is what it is made out of. During the daylight it looks cheesy and cheap (cuz it is). But add 2 fog machines, some black lights, a strobe light , strategic eerie green lighting behind the fog, loud creepy music and when the sun goes down... TAAA DAAA!  4 hours of shrieking trick or treat madness ensues.  We do it for the neighborhood kids.  Its the one night of the year when we let  the little monsters in the yard AND we are nice to them. It makes up for the rest of the year when Jimmy is on the front porch shaking a stick and yelling YOU DAMN KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN! Seriously , I don't know why the neighbors think  I should think their kids are as precious to me as they are to them. So, we make one gesture a year to keep them at bay for the other 364 days after that   And maybe because Jimmy is secretly proud of being the 'cool' 'Halloween Guy'.  Ok.... Fine..... Its FUN!

Here's soem photos of last years set-up.  Sorry, no night photos, they all turned out bad.  When Its all over and the fog machines are boxed up and put away for another year. I hope to post some picures of this years big top show.

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  1. Talk about a serious Halloween production! Looks and sounds like loads of fun for the kids in the neighbourhood.