Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Feng Shui Works! Feng Shui for the artist studio, Power Buzz, Feng shui immediate results, Bagua Baby!

WOW!.... Feng Shui WORKS! Thank you Feral Jane and The Good Typist for your advice and assistance on how to feng shui an artist studio. It took two days to clean it out and re arrange it so the right work is happening in the right place but it was well worth it!  The first major advantage?  Work is way easier and the creativity flows. Putting the finished work in the wealth corner (and organizing it accordingly)  was shear genius Good Typist, as was  adding the lights to the fame/career sector.
 I put all my tools and the laptop in the knowledge/wisdom corner.  I am now sitting in the creativity section with an overflow to the career section. Its like getting a power buzz every time I sit down to work.  I am seeing results already and it has only been three days. Opportunities are presenting themselves gently but firmly and  decisions I was having difficulty making are now  just ..sort of making themselves in a logical way.   The block to the cash flow seems to have been removed. I added a very cool misting fountain  to the wealth corner  for flow. For other artists reading this... I highly recommend getting a bagua off the internet and  rearranging your studio space immediately. This is going to be a short blog today... One of those opportunities I was mentioning .... is happening this morning and I have to get ready. I  will write more on this later. I was just so excited about the results that I HAD to tell you!


  1. I'm at the process of renewing my studio and I was wondering what your source was. Could you please send me a link or something. I'm in desperte need of the change! :D Thanks in advance..

  2. Hey Manuz, Thanks for reading my blog. Here is a link I found helpful http://fengshui.about.com/od/fengshuiforcareergrowth/qt/fengshuiartists.htm
    You should look up a 'bagua' (if you havent already) There are a gazillion images of it on the net. I arranged my studio according to the bagua, for example; I put my easel in the creative section. If your studio is like mine it might need some cures. I highly recommend reading as much as you can on the topic and then really looking at your space. Also take a look at MY FAVORITES on this page for a couple of helpful books.