Saturday, February 13, 2010

Artisan lifestyle with a job,Crazy people, Petty fights

Its been a thoroughly blogable two weeks. So we will start with the new job. I had forgotten that there are crazy people masquerading as normal out there. My case for this? The person I replaced (because they were so bad at what they did) Showed up two days after her last day, acting like she still had a job and ordering everyone around. She made my inherited assistant cry so I had to have the woman banned from the building. This is a director position so everyone was afraid of her. I've spent the last two weeks cleaning up the god awful mess she made of things beginning with erasing the black trail of negativity she left in her wake. People are usually a little nervous when a new director comes on board but she was so awful that everyone was pissing down their leg in terror. I've since learned that her MO was to blame everyone else for her shortcomings and to thoroughly document that blame so no one had any defense when the the s*^& hit the fan. Its taken two weeks to convince them that I am NOT a crazy, mean, bitch like her. In between calming everyone down , taking inventory of resources and planning a completely new program with completely new documentation, I've had to swim through the sewage of her overcomplicated process to keep the day to day stuff working. What makes me shake my head is that the powers-that-be let her do it for THREE YEARS!!!!! Anyway I am so tired from the hit-the-ground-running of the last two weeks that I have to force myself to stay awake til 9:30. Which brings me to the next part of my blog.
Artisan lifestyle. ... and how to do it with a suck-ass job weighing on your shoulders. Jimmy is trying, its been an adjustment and we continue to adjust. Its gonna be a long haul though. We had ourselves a pretty loud discussion ( OK , fine, we had a screaming fight) about the responsibilities at home each of us should have. Neither of us thinks the other one is doing enough now. At the fever pitch of the 'discussion' we were both yelling about canning the whole idea... getting rid of the chickens, letting the garden go fallow and becoming one of those couples that go to work, come home, eat takeout and watch tv til bedtime. After I had time to cool off and reflect ... I had to laugh ....... When we fight ,we don't threaten each other with affairs or violence .... We threaten each other with take out, tv and hamburger helper! (actually it was curry because he knows I don't like it) Not to worry.... While all is not perfect it will be well...... Even though we were both still angry, when I woke up the next morning, Jimmy had set up the coffee maker for me (yes! I was pissed about the coffee maker! Yes I know its petty!)..... so.... I let the chickens out so they wouldn't wake him up. (yes! he was pissed about the chickens waking him up! yes, it was petty). But compromise was made so those 2 issues are out of the way. I just hope we can reassign the rest of the chores fairly without a big ole fight for each one. .... Cuz honestly... I am really tired right now.
What ARE we doing right now to further our lifestyle? Jimmy put in starts for tomatoes,cucumbers, squash, peppers and a few other things. He put them in his solarium in the garage and they all broke ground after one week cuz the environment he created is perfect. They will be 6 to 10 inches high by the time they go outside. He is also in the process of turning over the beds and fertilizing and just generally getting them ready. To assist the fertilizing process, I'm gonna clean the chicken coop this weekend.

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  1. Life as a house husband - it'll take some getting used to. Poor Jimmy!