Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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We have some noteworthy changes going on in the sky! Saturn, is about to move out of Virgo in a couple of weeks and into Libra. Big ole sigh of relief for Virgos and Pisces. Its been a tough couple of years for these folks. Resources have been limited in the house that Saturn is traveling in. Hard work just seems to lead to more hard work with little recognition or appreciation. Saturn is the planet of authority and limitation. Saturn sets parameters and will not allow those parameters to be breached. You must stay inside the set rules and learn hard lessons.. Saturn is Karma and Dharma boot camp, if you will. The house Saturn is transiting is the camp and Saturn is the drill sergeant on your ass. Saturn is the internal parent..... the learned voice in your head. Classically Saturn is the father figure ... in our modern times with gender roles constantly in flux... Saturn is now the quintessential archetypal parent. In Myth Saturn feared for the destiny of his children.... in an effort to control them he swallowed them as they were born, until one day one child was born and hidden by its mother. The child (Jupiter) grew up and challenged the father, split him open and released all the children who were then able to take their rightful places in the world.
Most of us have experienced what we perceive (or what may be) unreasonable controls in our early developing lives at some time or another by authority figures. Impressions were made and patterns were set. Virgo and Pisces have been living those limitations and controls for the last 2 or so years. Virgos especially have felt as though they were slogging through knee deep mud. Saturn Transits especially over the Sun can make one feel invisible at best, picked on at worse. But ultimately Saturn is heavy. When Saturn Leaves Virgo there will be a sensation of the burden being lifted and movement outside the parameters can occur. The feeling of being invisible or overburdened will slowly dissipate over the holiday season. New choices can be made with a more mature and responsible outlook. As an added bonus Jupiter, the reward planet will enter Pisces in January and will help to move things along nicely, creating a sense that 'it was all worth it'. Congrats Virgo and Pisces ... you made it. Now take those lessons learned and the banked energy and move forward with it. Compared with the last couple of years, 2010 will seem like a cakewalk with you landing on the winning number.
Libra and Aries ... Your lessons will begin just about Halloween. Saturn is going to ask you to get grounded, become responsible and put others before yourself. Its going to ask you to take personal responsibility for your relationship decisions and get nothing back for a couple of years. If you have been the center of attention it will either take that away or ask what you have been doing with the attention. Have you used it for good or evil? New relationships entering your lives will be heavy with responsibility. Older established relationships will challenge you in new ways. Its up to you to examine your own culpability here. Group dynamics will change significantly. Saturn will not stop you from getting what you want... it will delay it until you are ready for it. While our modern society is determined to make every aspect of our lives "family friendly" Saturn knows that some things are for grown-ups only and kids are not allowed. So, if you want it.... You have to grow up to get it!
Saturn will retrograde back into Virgo in January for one last reminder of the lessons of the last few years for Virgos and Pisces. For Aries and Libra the next three months will give you a preview of the next 2 years or so and then back off to give you a chance to prepare. Its all part of the life cycle, So while V&P's rejoice and Libras and Aries groan with distaste.... remember that none of planets make anything happen.... They are a timing device , a clock, that tell us when class starts and ends. You can stubbornly refuse to do the work in which case the challenges will be a waste of time and you will suffer the griefs for no reason or you can do the work and take the tests and be rewarded at the end of it all. Its up to you.


  1. Hope all is well with you - you haven't posted in a while!

  2. Thanks for asking! I'm ok now but I had to duck for cover for a little bit.